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Visually Verified Montages for SW6

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Springfield Place, Position 09

Visually Verified Montages for SW6

View property proposals as if already built

Visually Verified Montages are verifiably accurate photomontages that demonstrate a proposed development in context, as though already built. Visually Verified Montages provide assessors with the means to make a meaningful assessment of proposal's massing, visibility and materiality in context.

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Our Visually Verified Montages are compliant with:
London View Management Framework SPG (LVMF) - Appendix C
Landscape Institute Technical Guidance Note (LITGN) - Visual Representation of Development Proposals (Type 4)

We are experts in our field and our work is protected by £5M professional liability insurance.

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177 High Road Chigwell, Position 02 (Existing)
177 High Road Chigwell, Position 02 (Proposed)

Visually Verified Montages for

Planning Applications & Pre-Apps

Visually Verified Montages allow decision-makers and the public to better understand a proposed development's scale, appearance and integration with the surrounding environment.

Planning Appeals

Visually Verified Montages can be used to communicate complex information in a clear and concise way, especially for audiences who may not have technical expertise.

Springfield Place, Position 09 (Existing)
Springfield Place, Position 09

Classification of
Visually Verified Montages

Visually Verified Montages can be produced to the following levels

Verified View Level 0

Level 0
Visually Verified Montage

Proposed location and massing, shown as toned area
Verified View Level 1

Level 1
Visually Verified Montage

Proposed location, massing and visibility of a proposal, shown as wire frame
Verified View Level 2

Level 2
Visually Verified Montage

Proposal as though built, single material, occluded by context
Verified View Level 3

Level 3
Visually Verified Montage

Proposal as though built, rendered with proposed finishes, occluded by context
Included in
each level:
Level 0
Visually Verified Montage
Level 1
Visually Verified Montage
Level 2
Visually Verified Montage
Level 3
Visually Verified Montage
Location & massing
Occluded by context
Architectural form & realistic lighting

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We are creatives specialising in architectural and product visualisation. We care about the quality of our work and we are dedicated to delivering on time and on budget.

Foundation was started in 2008 by industry veterans Oliver Radford and James Flanders who have over 50 years of shared production experience.

We thrive in long-term partnerships where we can learn and adapt to our regular clients’ ways of working and support their success.

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A wonderfully hassle-free experience getting top quality CGIs done: Olly was calm, patient, and very easy to deal with.  read more...

Liz Fetherston
Moreno Masey

Great working with Olly and the team on a series of external CGIs for a London penthouse project. Olly worked really well with our team to produce high quality images in a fast and professional manner.  read more...

Dan Pyzer-Knapp
Ediston Real Estate

This is the 3rd project Ediston have done with Foundation. James and Olly provide a superb service with a real "can do" approach with both client and architect and a really speedy turnaround. . . . .  read more...

Andy McKinlay
BEGA Lighting

Great, talented guys who really want to do the right and best job. Results were fantastic and helped our project along.  read more...

Dave Hughes

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